Nakamichi NKTA75.4 4 Channel Amplifier

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Unleash the Power of Sound with Nakamichi NKTA75.4 Amplifier

Elevate your car audio experience with the Nakamichi NKTA75.4, a high-performance 4-channel amplifier designed to deliver exceptional audio quality and power. Here's a closer look at its impressive specifications:

Powerful Performance:

N-Power Output @4ohm: 75W x 4
N-Power Output @2ohm: 100W x 4
N-Power Output @4ohm (Bridged): 150W x 2
Audio Precision:

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: 0.15V - 8V
Signal To Noise Ratio: ≥90dB
Distortion (THD): ≤0.1%
Reliable Build:

Fuse Size: 20Ax2
Net Weight: Approx. 2.3kg
Unit Dimension (LxHxW): 318x212x51mm
Experience unparalleled audio clarity and precision with the Nakamichi NKTA75.4. Whether you're enjoying your favorite tunes or pushing the boundaries with high-octane sound, this amplifier delivers the power you need.

What's in the Box:

NKTA75.4 Amplifier x 1pc
User Manual x 2pcs
Mounting Screw (Φ4x20mm) x 4pcs
Fuse (20A) x 2pcs
Compact yet robust, the NKTA75.4 is designed to seamlessly integrate into your car audio system. The user-friendly manual ensures easy installation, and the included mounting screws and fuses provide everything you need for a hassle-free setup.

Upgrade your car audio system with Nakamichi's commitment to excellence. Unleash the power of sound with the NKTA75.4 amplifier – where precision meets performance. Elevate your driving playlist today!